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It is this option we will graphically present/display the main centers of Tourism as well as the history of some localities of our country  where our artisan centers are developed. Our company commercializes different products from the Coast and Mountain range of Peru until other centers of development which are going away to incorporate according to increases the demand in the different countries where our products are being welcomed by their quality and design


To 60 km to the east of the city of Piura (45 minutes in car). Chulucanas is well-known by its ceramists and the quality of its clay. This last one is obtained thanks to the use of the leaf of the handle burned by means of a called process "smoked".  .  [More data PROMPERU]


The city of the Cusco, old capital ofl incaico empire, was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1983 and is without a doubt one of the most important destinies of the country..  [More data PROMPERU]


Puno was host of the Tiahuanaco culture (800 to 1200 d.C.), Maxima expression of the Aymara town, that was developed today between which is Peru and Bolivia; the Incas prevailed in the territory in century XV and the Spaniards left an important colonial legacy in all the zone, attracted by the mining activity that was developed in the place [More data PROMPERU]


Lima was founded on 1535 and just a short time it became the most important city of America. Today it has more than 8 million inhabitants and welcomes in immigrants of all parts of the world, which has turned it a racially mixed city par excellence [More data PROMPERU]


1 [Landscape]  2 [Settler]  3 [Settler]  4 [Settler]  5 [Settler] 

6 [Titicaca]  7 [Weaver]      8 [Weavers Puno]  9 [Alpaca]  10 [Dawn]  

11 [Craftswoman]        12 [Craftsman]   13 [Streets]  14 [Churchs]    

  15 [balneario]   16 [Landscape]  17 [Huaringas 18 [Sunset 19 [ ]



  1 [PERU ] 2 [ Peru país increible ] 3 [ Peru Awesome Country ] 4 [ Inkas の Peru の土地 ]

5 [Sra. Cao6 [ Destiny Perú ] 7 [ Perú terra do Incas] 8 [ Chulucanas Craft] 

    9 [ Peru Southern10 [ Peru Northern11 [ Adventure in Peru] 12 [ Peruvian cousine ]


All the information administered here is collected of the massive means that are in the Web and are selected to consider itself of a good quality and mainly that they are focused in  the promotion of our Country of this form we are collaborating also in the development of our towns..


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