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Within the product range derived from the Llama and the ewe numbers of useful articles like by examples gloves, Chalinas, caps bags, portfolios, strap, agendas can be appreciated varied


The ewes are developed in many places of Peru but by regulating they are in great variety in the zones of the Mountain range since the climate and the grass are propitious for their development; but also they are in the coast of Peru.

The photos are referential and can vary colors or designs in some cases.

Prices do not include load for export. Some products can be affection to customs taxes of their country, not including in the prices



Our chalinas are elaborated mainly with wools of Alpaca with designs in whole colors and also with native multicoloured designs of our cultures.  We work with craftsmen who as much produce these articles of artisan form as in industrial format what a massive production for export with the standards of the national and international market guarantees in certain cases.





We produce the best woven artisan wool portfolios of ewe with Ayacuchanos embroiderings and in addition we worked with other materials like the floorcloth, Cusqueño loom and tocuyo that allows to offer them to a great variety of models colors and designs. Our portfolios and purses are dyed with natural materials completely as the cochineal and other plants that give a special color him and long play to our articles..



As it leaves from our policies to offer to them the products with innovators and of the best quality we offer in this option the new gloves mitones that allows them to use the fingers for the works or action that is required but in addition these new gloves allows him to use them like mitones that covers all the fingers to them in cases where cold requires the intense it, besides offering the standard line to them of gloves in different colors with and without design for different occasions. The materials can be in pure Alpaca and in acrylics and generally they are woven by hand in Fist, Ayacucho and Lima..



The belts mainly are woven and embroidered by hand by craftswomen Ayacuchanas and Cuzqueñas which allows him to generate different designs and colors that a great variety of options offers them in addition   we use natural dyes in the process of the dyeing. we work with different measures which allows to the use in children and adults like part of the informal daily attire, In addition we offer strap in different materials colors and designs like other alternatives of sale, Also we can produce for export models and colors that the clients wish wholesale for production, Review this section and will be able to find the main designs and colors that we offer from the different zones or regions from Peru.




This option would show new line of chompas, villas and ponchos to him in different materials those that can be in Alpaca, Alpacril and in some cases the mezcal with ewe wool or simply in acrylic wool. These models take place as much for all the statures for children as adult


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