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░ Previous evaluation and negotiation of distribution our company this in possibility of being able to supply to any part of the world as it shows our map to it of positioning of products in different countries or in the form of distributors or of individual purchases which allows us to focus to us in accelerating the rate of distribution with strategic partners.

From this option it will be able to choose products and the amounts that our company wishes it quotes to him, which in the smaller possible time we will respond its requirements to them.












chooses one or several options of products and soon it enters its data as well as the amounts that would wish to acquire.


It sends its requirements and in a greater term of 24 hours we will not send our proposal to them with prices for purchase for wholesalers.


It will be able to accede by vol. to the discounts from 15%, 20% to 30% for purchases by major or Distributors previously registered. These discounts are not valid for unitary purchases. The discounts vary according to the models or products. Prices do not include load for export. Some products can be affection to customs taxes of their country, not including in the prices     Lima  - Per˙     Tel.: (511) 2224675  4221305


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