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The products listed in these options are by regulating all elaborated in totally artisan form elaborated by artesanoas or craftswomen of all the zones of the Peru like Cusco, Ayacucho, Puno, Lima, Cajamarca and the zones high Andean and costeñas of our country. As material common in almost all the designs the fiber of the Alpaca in all its varieties, wool of ewe stands out, varied leather of ewe, and looms.


New models and designs of elaborated utilitarian crafts are entered like the decorativas  clay crafts  which gives an additional value him by the material to be used that  in both cases all the designs are painted by hand and with free lead paintings. The origins are the decorativas of Chulucanas and the utilitarian ones of Lima.




° Textiles  

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 ° Catalogo de prendas creadas con lana de Alpaca, ovino y varias combinaciones en acrílicos. Podrá apreciar  todos los modelos y detalles gráficos de nuestros productos.

° En las artesanías cerámicas esta incluido la gran variedad de modelos y colores de las diferentes regiones con las que proveemos .


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Tariffs for shipments to any part of the world to low prices via SERPOST of Peru.

Prices do not include load for export. Some products can be affection to customs taxes of their country, not including in the prices.

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