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They denominate Chullo to him to the cap or hats that uses the Andean settlers high of Peru with certain characteristics, colors and forms  of each region.

By regulating the Chullos is made with wool of Alpaca or wool  of ewe.

The Alpaca is an animal of fine stamp, harmonious in his to walk, of body esbelto covered with fiber that as a whole denominates vellón. It presents/displays plantar pads, characteristic that grants the condition to him of ecological animal when not damaging the grass, nor to cause erosion.

The photos are referential and can vary colors or designs in some cases. Prices do not include load for export. Some products can be affection to customs taxes of their country, not including in the prices.


Cod. 380 al  399


The winters hats named CHULLOS are models completely elaborated with wool of Alpaca to the 100% in some models is used the wool of adult Alpaca and other models in Baby Alpaca. The wool of Baby Alpaca is of better quality and its texture is much greater than the one of the adult Alpaca. This models are the real 100% CHULLOS pure Alpaca from Perú.




Cod. 470 al 496


Here it will be able to find the new features in models, colors and designs that enter to our Web to promote themselves like exclusive models; which are made in  wool of Alpaca, Ewe or acrylics.

These products will rotate based on the demand reason why some initially enter few units for their sale.



Cod. 420 al  463

Our stock in models for children  is provided as far as the models colors and designs since for this segment of the market which exist a complete range of Chullos are woven in their majority in acrylic Wool to avoid the own allergies of the children, but in some cases they the same are used the alpaca in a smaller percentage. We have models woven in Lima, Huancavelica, Puno and Cusco.




Cod. 535 al  552


Roman or Taquile mainly by their form little common are different from the Chullos and to be used a greater amount of Wool of Alpaca in finished or the calls pompones that is the additions that are included at the end of the classic large earing as well as in the superior part; in addition to the size  that is much greater than the normal models.




Cod. 400 al  414


In this section they appear all the main models in which the models with varied colors and in simple designs or very elaborated are briefed.

These Chullos is coming from diverse zones of Peru like Cusco, Puno, Huancavelica, Ayacucho or Lima.




Cod. 500 al  514

These Chullos is characterized by his finished since completely they are made in weaving machines, which allows him to mold the forms and colors better as well as the finished one of such is much more tedious which the made ones by hand. These Chullos is woven in wool of Alpaca in a 80% and 20% in acrylic and is made in Lima.




Cod. 520 al  531


These models are called reversible so that they are woven so that You can use them by both sides or by the internal side as the external one of this form is like acquiring 2 Chullos in one single one.  Coming from the Andean high zone of the Peru specifically of the region of Puno.




These new models are offered like option to the clients who wish to use one more a more formal clothing but conserving the quality of the fiber of Alpaca, that besides this option can be reversible and to be used by both sides, which gives an additional characteristic him to similar products in the market, in addition standard models in Alpaca


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